Knowing Your Company Expenses

The Overhead Database allows you to enter all company overhead costs. Quik-Irr 6 uses this information to automatically add overhead expenses to each bid.

Quik-Irr 6 determines the cost per hour and productive hours for each employee using the Labor Database.

Hourly operating costs are determined using all costs associated with a piece of equipment.

By linking to the Labor and Equipment Databases to determine what resources are used and adding a productivity rate, Quik-Irr is able to quickly determine the man-hours, labor costs, and equipment costs associated with each task of a bid.

  When you bid a job
  there are 3 possible

    1. You don't get the job
    2. Get the job, bid too
        low, and lose money
    3. Get the job, Cover
        costs, Make a Profit!

  Quik-Irr implements
  bidding tools that greatly
  increase your likelihood
  of getting jobs that cover
  your costs and make a